Song Of Solomon Assignment Answers

Dear friends using the answer that I’ve provided below, please note that the answers are derived from my own notes, LYL notes and my own research from the internet. While majority of the answers are accurate, some may deviate a little from the accurate answer. Use it at your own discretion!

Song of Solomon
Exercise One

  1. The Shulamite woman wanted an intimate encounter with God.
  2. Wine is a symbol of joy.
  3. The spiritual lesson we can glean from is that one person receiving a touch from God can influence an entire nation. Every move from God starts with a man.
  4. We Christians must do the running.
  5. Kedar is the son of Ishmael, the son of the flesh and means dark tents – wandering. Kedar is a wandering tribe.
  6. Darkness speaks of sin.
  7. Jesus is our Chief Shepherd.
  8. Discipleship is feeding. There must always be impartation and truth, knowledge and experiences.
  9. The four characteristics of horses are speed, strength, energy and power.
  10. The Shulamite woman is being compared to a “company of horses” because it speaks of a disciplined life [we should all have].
  11. Cheeks symbolizes being in love.
  12. Gold depicts God’s unchanging nature, Deity of God. Silver depicts redemption.
  13. The Shulamite woman was trying to say that humility is the key to anointing oil.
  14. This can be compared to Jesus being absent from the world today. But He will come back soon in the Second Coming.
  15. Myrrh speaks to us of our ability to rein in rash emotions; spirit-controlled emotions.
  16. Doves’ eyes tell us about the singleness of purpose and focus, that we should focus and keep our eyes on God.
  17. She is trying to say that apart from him, she is just very ordinary and insignificant.
  18. “Daughters of Jerusalem” refers to immature believers.
  19. We can learn that God [will always] sustains us.
  20. In the Initial Love Stage is that the believer is relatively free from trouble, not very dependable, it is a love that needs to be tested and proven, it is a love that is not very deep.

Song of Solomon
Exercise Two

  1. The four things are The Power of Resurrection Life, The Abundance of Resurrection Life, The Calling of the Cross and The Removal of Hindrance.
  2. Because she was a mature Christian.
  3. “Mountains” and “hills” refers to trials and tribulations.
  4. Winter can also be referred to as a time of pruning in our walk with God.
  5. We can learn that the Christian life is not just about worship and basking in God’s glory. The Christian life is about obedience, faith and extending the Kingdom of God.
  6. “Figs” are winter fruits which refer to the winter season-stage of our lives.
  7. Stairs is a symbol of going up to the next level.
  8. The “call” of the cross is to identify with Jesus and every aspect of His life; Death, Burial and Resurrection.
  9. “The little foxes” speaks to us of little sings, bad habits and bondage that we refuse to let go that can destroy our Christian lives.
  10. “Bether” is a picture of separation.
  11. We can learn that God is saying to us that He wants us to be separated from the old life of sin; things that are pulling us down.
  12. The law of life is to let go of the ‘old wineskin’.
  13. No she wasn’t. She is behaving like the children of Israel who had faltering love for the Lord.
  14. The watchmen [elders and deacons] can only point the way of the Lord.
  15. We will come to a point that we must experience God for ourselves, hear from God and get the truths from God ourselves!
  16. No, she hasn’t. She still wants to bring him back to the confines of her home.
  17. The “rock” is Jesus.
  18. The resurrection life is our old nature has no more influence over us.
  19. We Christians can learn that our Christian life must always be a continual moving on with the Lord. When God calls us, we got to leave the place we are at and follow Him, if not He might stop calling!
  20. The power of resurrection is dying to our old man through baptism, and living our new man who is obedient to His call.

Song of Solomon
Exercise Three

  1. Wilderness symbolizes a place of testing and trials.
  2. “Pillars” speaks of strength.
  3. God is more interested in our character than our comfort.
  4. It is talking about men who has been tested and continues to be obedient to the commandments of God, a person who loves God.
  5. Soldiers refer to Christians skilled in spiritual warfare and in the Word of God.
  6. “Sword” is the symbol of the Word of God, the Bible.
  7. The Lord desires to rest on mature believers who are willing to suffer and go through wilderness experiences.
  8. “Purple” symbolizes royalty and kingship.
  9. Hair represents consecration, obedience and submission.
  10. The “neck” speaks of a mature believer being united to Christ, has strength and ability for action.
  11. Mount Gilead is the place of reconciliation between Jacob and Esau.
  12. The Church (the Bride) must submit to the Lord.
  13. This implies of the faithfulness (dove’s eyes) of the Shulamite Woman separated onto the Lord (being covered by the veil which acts as a veil for a bride).
  14. Sheep has wool. Wool causes sweat which speaks of the curse of sin.
  15. “Pomegranate” speaks of love.
  16. The mature believer is being compared to a “tower” because of their strength and immovableness, standing firm and unmoved against the batteries of Satan and the world.
  17. The spiritual significance of this verse is that the Lord is calling out of where we are at [our comfort zone] to not be afraid of the wickedness of the world but to come out to reign with Him in the four corners of the world.
  18. The 3 levels of spiritual heights are Amana, Senir and Hermon. These peaks are in actual fact the dens of lions and leopards. This is God’s call to His Church to come off from the world of which the Church will be persecuted. However, God promises His Church will be delivered from the persecutors in due time.
  19. The garden is “inclose”, the spring “shut up” and fountain “sealed” speaks of the believers who has reserved the garden wholly for the Lord’s pleasure.
  20. The believer is placed in a position to enjoy His coming to us.

Song of Solomon
Exercise Four

  1. One can learn that the power of resurrection comes with the fellowship of suffering.
  2. The dedication of a mature believer is giving.
  3. This shows that she is physically tired and resting but her spirit is alive and awake; always ready to do what her beloved wants her to do.
  4. The “Cross” also speaks of removing the penalty of sin.
  5. She meant that she knew not winning the lost, not going out there working with the Beloved is wrong. Yet she was unwilling to get out of her seclusion to join Him.
  6. For a mature believer, discipline usually follows after the act of obedience.
  7. The watchmen are the keepers of the wall; Christian leaders.
  8. With maturity, Christ is now Lord, not just a Savior.
  9. “Black hair” signifies strength, health, vigor and full of life.
  10. Because the eyes of doves are single focused and faithful, just like the Lord’s. The Lord is a very faithful God.
  11. “Belly” speaks of the human nature of Christ.
  12. It is a love that is pure and sincere and without hypocrisy.
  13. Everything that comes out of the mouth of God is sweet; His loveliness is perfect, nothing wanting in it. This is my beloved whom I still call my beloved though I had suffered much for Him, nothing could separate from my love to Him.
  14. They decided to look for Solomon because they are captivated by the description of Solomon (Christ).
  15. Confession of failure and asking for forgiveness do not depend on feelings but on His Promise.
  16.  One can achieve greater communion with God through enjoying to pray, praise and worship Him alone.
  17. God will spontaneously reveal Himself at His garden; the Church where He is shepherding His people.
  18. She was pleasing and desirable, esteemed and loved best of all her mother’s children and most tenderly loved by him.
  19. The Shulamite woman has the capacity to feed others, she is full of the anointing of the Lord and she has a mouth that speaks anointed words.
  20. She shows her love by her fruitfulness and productivity for the Kingdom.

Song of Solomon
Exercise Five

  1. The Shulamite Woman was groaning because she longs to show her love for her beloved but showing affection in public was an offense and was prohibited.
  2. As a believer increases in spiritual affections and develops into maturity, she is made conscious that she will be criticized, scorned and mocked at as she walks in obedience to Christ.
  3. In the 2nd wilderness, she is tested by the wilderness from without. She is dealing with the attitudes, pridem trust and dependency on the Lord.
  4. We must not base our love on complacency, we must be willing to pay any price to win the love for God and not take His love for granted.
  5. She made a seal of love, a sign of possession and ownership to him. She wants to fully belong to him.
  6. “Floods” refer to the storms of life.
  7. “Little sisters” is a symbol of the younger believers.
  8. It refers to the Judgment Day.
  9. It means if the young believer is willing to separate himself/herself unto the Lord and be used by Him.
  10. It means if the young believer is willing to be an entrance for others to enter the Kingdom of God.
  11. It means we as mature believers should help the young believer to use his/her gifts for God’s redemptive purpose.
  12. The spiritual lesson is, before I can lead people into a consecrated life, I must first be consecrated.  A mature believer can handle both ministry and his love for God.
  13. “Baalhamon” means the Lord of a multitude.
  14. Keepers are us believers.
  15. The thousand pieces of silver speaks of the work of the Cross in the Millennial Reign of Christ.
  16. Internal aspect; sins are dealt with. External aspect; willing to bear shame and reproach for the calling of God.
  17. It represents believers who have gone through the extreme trials and continue to walk in agreement with God.
  18. Yes, she is willing to pay the price and qualify herself for the Millennial reign.
  19. The whole life of a believer depends on the ‘garden’ of his/her heart. This is the area we have to work with all our lives and make it a place that the Lord enjoys coming to.
  20. God is speaking to His Church that He is coming soon.

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