Yielding to the Spirit

Hi all, I would like to inform my readers that my posts will tend to sway towards Christianity at this juncture of my life as I capture this pivotal moment of my life (SOT) by blogging my experiences down. Even if you’re a non-believer, have a read. It might benefit you, who knows? 🙂

The first week of SOT started with a bang as we had ministry sessions every day of the week. I am truly amazed and awestruck by how God has moved in the past 5 days. Every ministry session was spirit-filled and many were impacted by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

This whole week, sure I was tired, traveling to Jurong West and then straightaway to Suntec office for work after SOT. But really, Lamentations 3:22-23; God’s compassions they fail not, and are renewed every morning, literally. It is really by His grace that I can wake up at 6.10am every morning to travel and reach school by 8am+.

As SOT first week draws to a close, I feel a deep hunger within me (not hungry for food) to seek God more. So many foreign students have left everything behind, some can’t even be sure that they can afford the school fees. But they came anyway, and I am amazed by their faith. There are so many things I’ve taken for granted. I feel that at the start of this first week of SOT, all the bad characters and attitudes that is chucked in one corner inside me begins to ‘manifest’ x10. Lol! As Pastor Derek preaches on the Baptism and Power of the Holy Spirit (in FT2), although I have been through the bible study long ago, I felt that there are so many areas in my life that I have not yielded, or have not yielded enough to the Holy Spirit.

I believe that the Holy Spirit is working in my life, and will continue to do so for the next 6 months. I must be more open and yield to the Holy Spirit, obey the Holy Spirit, read the Word more. Bad character and attitudes must be gotten rid of and personal agendas must be cast away to make room for God’s. Feel like seeking God even more.

Believing that my Father God has a great adventure installed for me for the next 6 months in SOT. Amen.

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