Work work work!

First week of work has passed for me, and I am really excited over what’s ahead for the next 6 months! Since SOT lessons (which will commence this Monday) ends at 1pm, and work starts at 2pm, I have 1 hour to travel down to Suntec office and ‘consume’ my food EVERY DAY before starting work! Talk about busyness. The only consolation is that I don’t have to work on Mondays. 🙂


Firstly, let me declare that it is a prodigious and awesome privilege for me to work in the same office of many heavy weights. I am humbled. Big thanks to the CN team (consisting of CN, graphics, photography staffs) for making me feel so welcome! Sometimes I feel like I am not really working, but working together for the same cause. – That sounded oxymoron, but you get what I mean, right? :D. I have big shoes to fill, now that the previous intern, Jeremy did such a fantabulous job for CN. Stress, lol.

That aside, I am currently taking the seat of my chief editor while she is not around. “May the anointing to write from chief, fall upon me, Amen.” LOL! Here are some articles I brought to make my desk more personal. Of course that won’t be all. I will be bringing a nice stripe box I bought at Ikea, cup cover and LFC sign. But I won’t be decorating that desk space much because it is not mine! And it is also not nice to do that. I have to vacate the place sooner or later for its rightful owner. Who knows, one day I might just go full-time in Suntec office and have my own personal space, maybe not with City News though. 🙂

Alrighty, that’s all for now, gotta go rest and wake up (super duper) early for trip to Batam. Woohoo! Let my pictures speak for themselves. 😀

Be blessed people and thanks for reading!

Biography of Dr Cho which I got from Attributes Sale! This will aid me in getting rid of any boredom and provide me with spiritual nourishment when I am not busy, which will never happen. Lol.


Psalm 23 cup which I received from someone for my Bday. Drinking it will bring 'peace' to my heart. Haha


And of course, my netbook which is the main tool I use to type in my articles furiously.. Haha. And CN 2nd Anniversary mouse 🙂

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