THANK YOU! (Part 2)

Tons of people to thank! For me, the presence of you guys at the celebration has already blessed me a lot!

I wanna thank

  • My mom for getting the catering for me.
  • My beautiful girlfriend Tong Yan for being there for me,buying me dinner (Bakerzin), writing me a letter and even giving me a red packet!
  • The awesome couple, Wendy Danielle and Peter Hua for helping me do the decor and buying the Guestbook!! Even though I wasn’t very excited to the point of being lethargic about my own party, Wendy called me up in the afternoon and offered to help me decor the place and even get the guestbook for me! Thanks Wendy!
  • Best buddy Jasper and Eunice for the Hugo Boss Cologne!
  • Wendy, Desmond, Felicia, Terry, Peter and Ronald for the CA vouchers!
  • NYP cluster (or ex since everyone has already graduated lol) for coming as well as blessing me with the CA vouchers!
  • My relatives for all the red packets!
  • My ex-members and friends from WR zone (Jeremy, Benji, Samuel, Eliz, Kenneth, Michelle, did I leave out anyone?)for the Authentic LFC kit (including a LFC scarf, LFC jacket, a LFC water bottle and a LFC cap! I thought you guys are gonna throw me into the pool, taupok me or smash a cake in my face! Sorry for wronging you guys! Hahaha!
  • Kit Meng and Belinda for the GV gift card! I will definitely use it!
  • Jeremiah who ran to 3 different places so that he can get me vouchers from 3 places!! (ZARA, Topman and Pedro) Thanks Jeremiah! I am so touched!
  • Choir members and twitter khakis Rubez and Candice for blessing me with a super nice ‘Angel wings’ B’day card and cash! You guys are so generous, I don’t know what to say!
  • Jon Teo for the Starbucks Card! Now I have 2!
  • My cell group for the CA voucher!
  • My cell group members (Janice, Guanlin, Melissa, Elijah) for turning up; Elijah for coming down despite having rugby training earlier!
  • Daniel and Siyi for the giant teddy bear! (My mom kop it for her own lol)
  • Bryna (Cgl) and Hongbin (first cg member) for the cool Billabong wallet!
  • Matt (ex-cg member) for the One Life One Wife shirt (his own brand)!
  • Xue Jun for the Capitaland voucher!
  • Joanna for the T-shirt!
  • Cath and Vonne for the cool T-shirt! Love it!
  • My boss Grace and finance manager Shi Hui for turning up and also blessing me with red packet and RSH voucher!

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All in all, I just wanna say a big THANK YOU for being there on my special day! I am truly blessed by so many great people. Thanks for being my friend. 🙂

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene

P.S. The value of the gifts whether big or small will not be disclosed for good measure.

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