End of Attachment!

Yay it’s the end of my attachment! Anyway, I just want to thank the people who visited my blog for the past one week and found no new entries. My apologies, as part of my company is moving to Robinson Towers, I have to assist with the moving and all, and that made me all too tired to do anything but sleep. Haha. 

So what have I been up to? From 6 October to 4 November (2 months), as an Industrial Placement Programme (IPP), I was attached to SP Corporation Group as an intern and assistant to HR Manager who is also my boss, Grace Teo. To be honest, initially I dragged my feet as I travel to my workplace as I pondered on the fact that I have to travel all the way to a 鸟不生蛋 place! (which means ‘god forsaken place)

But the people there are generally very nice. My boss, secretary and finance manager keeps taking turns to treat me to lunches at restaurants such as Pastamania, Burger King, Streets, Xin Wang HK Cafe, Toast Box, Fig & Olive, Sarpino’s Pizza and more.

My boss Grace, is really a very nice person. Not only did she show me the ropes patiently, she also took the time (even though she don’t have a lot to spare) to get to know me better, intro me to her ‘clique’ (secretary and finance manager) and the other colleagues, helping me to quickly integrate into the office environment. She is a very bubbly person, always sharing about her life, even some of her struggles at work (P&C) and what not. And she never scolds people! (which can be a flaw too!) She was genuine in being my friend and wanting to let me learn and maximize my time here. (which also means I was given quite a lot of work haha!) She’s a cool boss because she loves K-pop and her ringtone is Super Juniors’ Sorry Sorry!

The secretary to the 3 Managing Directors, Margaret Sng is also uber nice! Whenever Grace is not around, she would make sure I have something to eat. And many times I would fight and lose in the battle to pay my own meals/drinks all thanks to her. Haha. I would remember the days when we would walk that 5 minute stretch to the canteen and talk about anything under the sun (literally under, lol) from our retirement plans to our fav holiday destination and more.

Lee Shi Hui, the finance manager and also my roommate (Don’t get me wrong, I mean we occupy a office room, haha), would talk to me or listen to my lame jokes whenever I am bored. She would also make sure I have something to eat for lunch, and fight to pay my meal bills. Worse thing I ever did to her was to spread my cough to her! In fact, I think I spread my cough to many in the company :X. But she never blamed me, but instead told me to be careful not to catch her cold!

There are also the many colleagues who are nice and all, but too many to name. At the end of the day, emotions ran high for me, in a happy way as I bid goodbye to the colleagues, especially Margaret, Grace and Shi Hui. Grace and Shi Hui would be coming for my small bday party! Margaret as kind as she is, gave me a red packet as a present as she could not be there to celebrate with me.

I also had the opportunity to experience the adventurous side of working life as I would cab from one office to another on official business [many times].

Ok! Putting that aside, I learnt so much. Grace as graceful as she is (I don’t have any meaning for this line but I just had to put it in hahaha), gave me many hands-on tasks and assignments. From coming out with an entire HR policy, to calling up companies to negotiate for quotation, to calling property agents to find cheap rents for my workers, running ad hoc projects for various managers, to making company forms, to arrganing and sitting in for meetings, to screening through CVs, forming employee job descriptions, to contacting MOM or government agencies/job agencies/transport companies, to coming out with a salary band.

If there is just one thing I don’t like, that would be filing and packing. Ok, maybe two. Haha. All in all, I thank God that I was placed in this company. It was indeed a blessing in disguise. It felt great knowing that the 8 weeks I have been with the company, I have made much contribution.

If there is one thing I regret, that is… Why did my attachment start earlier!?! It should have started like now, so that I can enjoy all the facilities at the new office!! Starbucks, The Coffee Club, TCC, Coffeebean, Toastbox, Soup Spoon and many more!

This 8 weeks has been an awesome experience for me. (I sure hope it is so for my fellow classmates!) I would definitely not exchange it for anything in the world.

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