Tong Tong Tong

Isn’t she pretty? 😀 Yea that’s Tong Yan, my girlfriend eating her ice kachang or whatever it was. This photo is one of my fav TY photo. But wait, it was photoshopped!?! Haha Tong Yan has been bugging me to photoshop her photo (ever since I started to photoshop people’s faces). So here it is by request. Actually I didn’t change much on her face (she’s already very pretty), mascara wouldn’t fit in this picture somehow, and she has already put on foundation. Before I go on, take a look at the original photo below..


Ok, I’m evil, I ‘teleported’ the people in the background out of the picture! The ‘teleporting’ was the tough part in this round’s photoshop experiment. Haha. In the first photo, I gave her a juicy red lip color using mask, removed the people at the back (using clone stamp, dodge, burn, blur & smudge tool), saturate and colorize the ice kachang to make the strawberries and the sago more appealing. (The strawberry in the original photo is orange!?!)

In this picture, I went on to give her a nice red ribbon and dye her hair to an ash red sorta color. Now you don’t need to wait few hours and spend heaps of cash at the salon to dye your hair with the help of Photoshop! 🙂

In this picture, I took a step further by changing her eye color to cyan using mask. She looks like the anime characters with super powers. Cool. 🙂

Personally I prefer the first photo without the changed hair and eye color. So tell me, which is the nicest?? 🙂

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