Angela Zhang Shao Han Photoshopped!

Bored as I was, I was practising my photoshop skills during my free time at work. This time round, I was applying it on one of my past idols; Angela Zhang Shao Han! One of my fav Angela hits include ‘Meng Li Hua’ etc. I remember I once use a Angela Zhang event to try to get to know my girlfriend (who wasn’t back then) 2 plus years ago. Alright that’s a totally different and confidential story altogether. 😉

Back to the topic. The picture I chosed to photoshop is Zhang’s past photos probably in 2005 or older as you have seen (the dark rings below her eyes!). I got rid of her dark rings, ‘plastic’ her face, touched up her cheeks and lips, adding ‘eyeliner’ and mascara to her eyelashes, and changed the color of her top. I initially wanted to change color of the balloon to red but was too lazy. Lol. Here it is!

Some of the major difficulties I encountered was the blending of the left cheek (I screwed up initially but managed to get the cheek back into proportions!), the blue color-run off the blue top (which was a super big headache as I have to manually get rid of all the color-run around her top).

Hope you guys like it! Okok I won’t plastic the model’s face the next time. Lol. Gosh, photoshopping a picture is easy but photoshopping a GREAT picture is tough. Though not impossible, it takes up ALOT of man-hours. But I kinda find fulfillment and a sense of satisfaction upon seeing the end-result of the photoshopped picture. Maybe I should go into this line in the future. Hahas. Btw, if you have any photo you would like me to photoshop, you can always send it to my email at Have a great day!

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