Welcome to the Reds Camp, John W. Henry and NESV

So the news finally broke out yesterday that the club [Liverpool FC] has finally been officially sold to New England Sports Venture (NESV) or if you would have it, John W. Henry owner of NESV for 300 million pounds (SGD 480 million), putting an end to this epic saga. NESV, also the owner of the Boston Red Sox (a baseball team) has rocketed the baseball team into top rankings in the US baseball league..

So, in comparison to Tom and Hicks, well I would like to believe that Henry would do a much better job than his other two American counterparts (financing the club on loans from RBS). On a side note, it’s kinda funny to have a Singaporean (billionaire Peter Lim) bidding to own an English Premier Leauge Club. Hah.

Whatever the case, I hope that Henry would do a good job and fire the Reds back to the top after many disappointing performances. And as Liverpool manager Hodgson put it; “I am hoping the new owners coming in will stabilise the situation and give us a chance to concentrate on the football and most important of all will wipe out the debts.”

And us fans would continue to stand by our club, donning our colors, hoping for the best. YNWA

C’mon LFC! 18 titles and 5 time European Cup Champion!


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