Kudos to Cebu Pacific Airlines Safety Dance Routine!

I know, I’m laggy. I just caught the Cebu Pacific Airlines Safety Dance Routine today. How they presented the safety procedures is undeniably fresh and attention-grabbing, judging from the fact that it garnered a staggering 6.5 million views on Youtube. I thought that it’s definitely fun to catch one of this when I am flying – for the entertainment value on top of just watching the safety procedures.

However, I feel that all these gimmicks may or may not actually increase passengers’ knowledge of the safety procedures because passengers could be more focused towards laughing at the stewards and stewardesses’ dance routine rather than on the main idea the Airlines are trying to bring across to the audience. And also, the person over the PA system who was announcing the safety procedures too fast (in the first video), as though following the beat of the song! I thought that the second video by the men are better although their moves look more rigid. Lol.

In any case, whether we acquire the knowledge or not, the main beneficiary of this whole episode would without a shadow of a doubt be Cebu Pacific Airlines; with the sudden influx of passengers who can’t wait to get a seat on one of their planes, they would be laughing their way to the bank, hahaha. But once the novelty of this idea fades away, would we still wanna take this flight? If I was going with a ‘up level’ airline such as our SIA, I wouldn’t want to see the SIA girls do those dance routines even though it would be attention-grabbing because: a) it is awkward to watch our girls in kebaya do that kind of dance (plus they probably wouldn’t willingly do it), b) Altas airlines shouldn’t and wouldn’t need to do this kind of stuff! Haha! But still, Kudos to Cebu Pacific Airlines for the innovation! I would love to be on one of their flights one day, if they haven’t stop dancing yet. 🙂

Male version:

Female version:


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