Introducing the Starbucks Privilege Card

Hellooooo my friends! I am so excited because I’ve gotten my hands on the Starbucks Privilege Card yesterday! Rawk! Alright, so if ya’r scratching your head wondering “What in the world is that?”, let me explain to you what’s that all about.

Basically, the Starbucks Privilege Card works like the…. ok let’s use the Kopitiam card for example. The Starbucks Card works similar to the Kopitiam card whereby you can debit (store) cash into the card, making your Starbucks experience cashless. BUT, the Starbucks Privilege Card does more than just that. The card also has the rewards system whereby customers would receive a complimentary Starbucks handcrafted beverage for every 12 handcrafted beverages purchased. For all you coffee bean lovers, purchase ten 250g bags of wholebean coffee and receive a complimentary 250g bag of wholebean coffee of your choice or you can always puchase one 250 bag of wholebean coffee and enjoy a complimentary tall-sized brewed coffee on Starbucks! Sounds good?

Minimum top-up value is $10 (you can only top up in denominations of 10s), and you will receive a Starbucks lanyard when you top up $50 straight off the counter too! The card also comes with a nice envelope.

Wait, there’s more. Register your card online to enjoy an IMMEDIATE complimentary tall-sized beverage of your choice (on your next visit using your card), a complimentary cake on your birthday and at the same time protect your card balance – in the event that your card is lost/stolen, you can always go online to transfer the value to your other cards. Opps I forgot to mention, yes you can have multiple cards and transfer the value around! Don’t worry, the registration’s a breeze, all you need to do is fill in your particulars and all.

So, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain with the Starbucks Privilege Card! On top of that, the Card looks way cool!

My experience at Sengkang Starbucks was a uber pleasant one too. The Ops manager (I believe) got my name, address me by my name (sincerely) and apologized for the technical problems they were facing (that resulted in the system being unable to debit value into the card). As such, she handed me a complimentary 12 fl oz Stabucks beverage coupon of my choice. I left my number with them and they called me back to inform me that the system was finally fixed. Only upon returning did I realize that that coupon was F.O.C.! Great customer service right?! She also asked me if I would like to top up $50 to get the lanyard which I did simply because she was just too nice and polite (I am a sucker for GOOD customer service :P). Okay, I admit, I was kiasu and wanted the lanyard! Lol!

What I really like about Starbucks is their ambience, coffee and customer service. Starbucks staff are a one of a kind who are genuine in serving their customers and getting their names right. If you can turn a customer into a friend, you’re a Winner!

Go get your card at any Starbucks outlet today!

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