My First Blogshop Purchase!


Yo fellas! If you’re a guy, you probably have the same questions as me. The question: “How do girls go gaga over online blogshops??????” Seriously, you don’t get to physically try the clothes [or merchandise], so you run the risk of buying a white elephant (something that may not fit your size for example). Secondly, you can’t go vainpot (applies to the girls :X) over it; trying the clothes and asking your friends again and again “Do I look nice in this??” Lastly, you might even get conned of your money since you always have to NETS the payment to the blogshop owner before the transaction can be completed.

But all that didn’t matter anymore when I went blogshop surfing for the first time! Being your trusted blogger, I am here to share with you the awesome-ness of online shopping. Take a look..

Firstly, visiting a blogshop beats traveling down to a physical store anytime. Viewing clothes never been that convenient with the click of the mouse! Secondly, the clothes for the man are actually much cheaper than those you can find in stores islandwide. We all know that male clothes are much more expensive than the female. But the blogshop changes all that! And lastly, well, fraudulent or dishonest blogshop owners are usually discovered and blacklisted quickly. Purchasing stuff over the internet is much safer than you think! C’mon we live in the internet age right? Singapore slang: Anything not happy just complain on Facebook la!

So anyway, after much deliberation together with Tong Yan my consultant and girlfriend, I decided to settle for this jacket for starters!


Next on my hit list:


So man, go try out blog-shopping! Even if you don’t buy anything, I’m sure you will have a ball of a time just by looking at them. 🙂 I do hope that you don’t choose the clothes that I am eyeing though! Haha!

Here are some suggestions for the man:


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