R.I.P. Mrs Lee Kuan Yew

Even though I didn’t really know of any contributions made by Mrs Lee Kuan Yew as I was too young then, I felt a surge of sadness upong hearing the death of Mrs Lee on Saturday. Mrs Lee Kuan Yew or Madam Kwa Geok Choo, wife to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and mother to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is really someone special.

As the saying goes, “Behind every great man, is a greater woman.” I believe that much of Mr Lee’s success can be attributed to the support of Mrs Lee. The thing I find most amazing is the story behind Mr and Mrs Lee. I didn’t know that they were actually competitors competing for some scholarship and the fierce competition caused sparks to fly and they fell in love with each other as a result of competing with each other. Taking things a step further, Mr Lee even secretly wedded Mrs Lee! Think about it! Our ex PM actually did such a thing! Haha! From this, I can really see that, Mr Lee is a human afterall. Their love for each other, well, words can’t describe that. I mean, they were married for 50++ years!

I wonder, if Mr and Mrs Lee’s life story were to be made into a movie, it could be quite interesting and romantic? Haha! Mrs Lee, you had made a good run, living to a ripe old age of 89 years old, raising your son to be the next PM. It must not have been easy being the wife to LKY, enduring criticisms and false allegations. Only God and LKY knows the tears shed by the two. While LKY handles state affairs, you must have hung the weight of the family on your small but strong shoulders. The many advices that you have given to LKY that have shaped Singapore that nobody else but God knows. I can only pray for our MM and PM that they remain strong during this period. Singapore needed them then, and Singapore still needs them.

All in all, I feel that Singapore has lost an important figure. Not only should we cherish our family and friends, let’s also not take for granted our forefathers and their contributions to Singapore.

R.I.P. Mrs Lee..

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene

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