Say “You’re welcome” instead of “Don’t need”!!

Hey all. My colleague blessed me with a lunch treat again, refusing to accept my money. So to be polite, I said “谢谢你 “, which means Thank you in Chinese. And she replied “不用 “, which literally means Don’t need in Chinese.. Well, it’s not the first time any of us have heard this, and I’m sure many of us also said that!

It isn’t a very big problem to begin with, and I know we don’t mean it when we say “we don’t need thanks”. It’s just that… I thought that it’s kinda funny for people to say “Don’t need” when other people thank them. Why not say “You’re welcome” (不用客气) / “It’s ok” (好的) / “No problem” (没问题) / “You owe me a favor!” (你欠我一个人情!)? – Pardon me for my bad Chinese translation if any! I am sure any of these would have been much better than saying “Don’t need”. Haha!

In order to illustrate my point, I have done up a one page comic strip with the characters from Twilight. Enjoy 🙂

As I have work the next day and it was late already, I didn’t photoshop them to make them look nicer. More importantly, do you get my point? (Though this comic strip is too exaggerated.. But you get the gist right? Haha) 

And No, this did not happen in the film. 🙂


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