Building a City that Cares starts with Me

I was volunteering with CityCare at  Jamiyah Children’s Home just last Saturday. It was one of the 20 lesson reading program, CityCare has tied up with Reader’s Digest and Jamiyah Children’s Home for the lower and upper primary kids at the Home.

It was an enriching experience for me as I am able to bless and touch their lives, even in a small way. Over there, as any would expect, some of the children are much rowdier than the average kid you find outside. But how can we be so cruel as to blame or even judge them? Some of these kids have parents who can’t afford to pay for their daily expenses, some have one and/or both parents serving their prison term, some were sent here on a Court Order. Many of the kids have gone through hardships way beyond what we can imagine.

My heart goes out for these kids at Jamiyah Children’s Home. Many of them are quite intelligent really, but they have much lesser opportunities in life due to various reasons. I really see potential in some of them. How much they desire to succeed is dependent on them, but the environment they are in also plays a big part. The resources at the Home will never be enough and the environment would only be very encouraging up to a certain extent, that’s why it is up to kind souls out there to contribute monetarily or non-monetarily (visitations, etc). They do not need our sympathy, they however do need our empathy and our help.

I hope that readers after reading this blog entry would have a desire [even if it’s only a glimpse] to do volunteering or join a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) to volunteer their services. You may not even necessarily be helping children only, you can choose to serve the underprivileged or the disabled (elderly, prison inmates, terminally ill patients, disadvantaged families, youth-at-risks or the intellectually disabled). To quote the organization I am with (CityCare), “Building a City that Cares”, I truly believe that Building a City that Cares starts with Me (Self).

Volunteering may not even take up much of our time if we’re very busy. I haven’t been volunteering much the past few months but I have decided to make a commitment to come down to Jamiyah Children’s Home to spend one to one and a half hours every Saturday for the next 10 weeks to go down to the Home and volunteer my services with CityCare. Anyone can stretch out a helping hand regardless of status, student or working professional, race, language or religion. All we need is a willing heart to serve and bless others.

At the end of the day, perhaps in our own point of view we didn’t really accomplish much in that one or two hours, but in the eyes of the people we have helped, we have indeed made a big difference in their lives.

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene


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