My First ‘Professional’ Photoshopped Picture!

Yesterday, as my boss is busy doing her payroll and couldn’t assign me any tasks, she told me to find something to do or entertain myself. And I did just that; reading of news, listening to music, watching [just 1 episode of] anime, and also visiting Xiaxue’s blog! The first thing I was amazed about was how good her photoshop skills is! (Editor’s Note:  you girls should really go visit her blog as she posts many articles that can benefit girls, such as makeup techniques etc. On the flip side, well the f**k word comes out of her blog posts like free.. Hahaha)

As such, this morning I typed in ‘How to touch up a picture on photoshop” on Youtube and watched one of the tutorials. This could possibly be one of my naughtiest posts as I went on to photoshop an old picture of my church friends without their consent and have also posted them here! Sorry *****! Anyway I hope you guys like what I have done with your photo though!

Below is the before & after photos. I quite like it, and I hope you do! Enjoy!

Before Photoshop:

After Photoshop! 😀

Before & After Side by Side Comparison:

Changes made:

  1. Curve image and Surface Blur – Make image more ‘plastic’ (playing around with the contrast and brightness)
  2. Spot Healing – remove pimples and acne, etc
  3. Dodge tool – Brighten teeth
  4. Burn tool – apply ‘eye liner’ and darken eye brow
  5. Dodge tool – Color
  6. Dodge and Spot Healing – Remove braces
  7. Sponge tool – Saturate the lips

After editing, it looks like they are hanging out at a club, when they’re actually in Church! 😀

Ahhh, the Wonders of Photoshop.

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene

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