<3 Korean Drama Iljimae!

I was surfing the Youtube and suddenly, I was reminded of this old Korean drama I watched in the past. Iljimae is basically about  the story of Gyeom, an ill-fated prince whose uncle decided to exterminate his brother’s (father to Gyeom) entire clan for fear that his brother would one day desire to take the throne which in actual fact wasn’t true.

As fate would have it, Gyeom, his mother and sister escaped the guillotine, but not without a price to pay. Gyeom traumatized when witnessed firsthand his dad getting killed, loses his memory and ends up with a kind-hearted robber and his wife as foster parents. His sister and mother also have to go in hiding to avoid being captured and subsequently killed by the evil ones. The sister who managed to evade capture all these years ends up being captured and killed right before Gyeom’s eyes.

Gyeom regains his memory at the last moment [after about 10 years or so] and was deeply grieved to witness his sister’s death. Determined to take revenge for his family’s misfate, Gyeom dons on a masked costume and begins robbing houses at the pretence of merely being a skillful robber who steals to give to the poor (much like Robin Hood) while in actual fact he was also looking out for any clues that would point him to the killer of his dad and his clan.

Many twists in the story include Gyeom’s half-brother, Cha Dol who unknowingly almost kills his half-brother, Gyeom meets his childhood friend, Eun Chae once again after many years and their tragic love began to blossom. In the end, Gyeom did find the killer, and kill…. well go watch the whole drama to find out!

Overall, though this drama is considered relatively short for a Korean drama (only 20 episodes in total), I feel that it’s one of the best dramas I’ve watched not to mention their awesome adrenaline-pumping OST (Original Soundtrack). Perhaps because I am a guy, hence the love for dramas that involve a bit of fighting rather than just romance and soap operas.

I am not gay, but I really like Lee Jun Ki, the Korean guy who played Gyeom. I think he’s quite shuai even though my female counterparts disagree. Haha! This proves the point that guys and girls have different standards of handsome and beautiful, but that’s besides the point! :X

Anyway, go get the DVD peeps! Last time I saw it, the DVD was going as low as $10 at some CD shop at Plaza Sing! Go watch it, you will love it!

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene



2 thoughts on “<3 Korean Drama Iljimae!

  1. i watched this, and i think this one is Korean version of Robin Hood. this one is my Lee Jun Ki fave korama after time between dogs and wolf … i cried a lot when his father died … the way he cry while calling his father …. apuchi apuchi … ahh so sad ne, …

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