Working life is tough!

After many days of non-commotion and absence from blogging, I have risen from the ashes to blog once again! These few months had been a crazy one for me personally as I transit from projects mode, to exams mode, and now to industrial attachment mode, on top of all my other commitments.

In case you are wondering, I am currently on my school’s industrial attachment programme, which means I am attached to a local company for the next 2 months (6 weeks left and counting) whereby I will be graded based on several performance indicators. Anyway, transiting to working life was much tougher than I thought, perhaps also because my work place is touching the edge of the West side of Singapore… TUAS! That means an extra daily traveling time of 3 hours to and fro on top of the 8 hours of work.

To sum things up, working life is tiring! *catches breath*

The only thing that popped into my mind is work-life balance. We all need to maintain that fine delicate balance. Having too much of either sides will break the balance in motion. I will blog more about it soon, I guess. Taking an opportunity cost to blog this entry at the expense of sleep!

As of now, I have formed 2 new Golden Rules for myself when I officially enter the workforce;

  1. Find a job you’re passionate about!
    If we were to find the job we are passionate about, there would be longevity in that career, leading to higher job satisfaction and productivity, and eventually excellent performance appraisal leading to higher bonuses!
  2. Find a job that is not too far from your home!
    Unless you’re someone that’s into travelling, I wouldn’t recommend spending 3 hours of your time everyday from Mon to Fri on travelling. It’s exhausting on one’s health, and as the experts say, Time is Money!

Till then, I will continue to run this race. Just less than 6 weeks remain! C’mon Reuel, you can do it! Thank God for all the favor of man too! (Lots of lunch treats from my colleagues, boss and even my boss’ boss!) Gonna turn in now and wake up at 6.40 am! Lord, help me!

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene

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