Ban Blackberry Not!

I was just reading the Yahoo article on ‘Should Singapore ban the Blackberry too?’ and I thought that this would be an interesting read for me since I am a Blackberry user. So, what’s the issue here that would cause several countries to ban the Blackberry? I was just pondering on that question and I thought Research In Motion (RIM) the maker of Blackberry trespassed certain security protocols to render such a Government deed on its phone and services.

Turns out, these countries banned the Blackberry because of its data encryption [via Blackberry Messager or BBM] which disallows even the Government to scrutinize on the users’ conversations, transferring of media files and all. I am a Blackberry 9700 user and I am proud of it! But just because I am a Blackberry user, that doesn’t mean I am gonna spread anti-government, irreligious or terrorism ideologies over my Blackberry! This conversation in itself is ridiculous and even redundant, really.

All throughout history, people have tried to hinder and restrict other people’s actions that have been seen as heresy, paganism, spreading terrorism ideologies, spreading antisemitism, criminal activities, illegal activities, etc. Capital punishment such as stoning, burning on the stake, execution via electric chair, execution via hanging, shooting the criminal to death, how effective has it been in preventing further criminal cases? Just as we don’t like people imposing their ideas on us, neither should a country impose their ideas on a telecommunications provider. Let’s take for example the chewing of gum. The Singapore Government impose the ban of gum in 1992, stopping chewing gum imports into Singapore. How has it worked out? Not really. Singaporeans would simply go overseas, buy a few packs home – chew on them nevertheless.

In a certain neighboring country, several individuals caught in sex romps and orgies are rounded up during every new year even though their religion has strictly indicated that it is against the faith and would be dealt with severe punishments.

Let’s take it a step closer. How about youth who simply do the opposite of what their parents demand them to do? Youths don’t like to be told about what is right or wrong, or told off for that matter, but instead they like to reason, but unfortunately parents don’t and they don’t see the point to – since they are the parent and assume the role of an authoritarian. It’s ironic, but that’s how we are wired, I guess. What [absolute, monocratic ruling] that works adversely for children and youths would also work adversely for adults. Pity this is something that authorities has failed to realize for the last few thousand years and they continue to miss the point today.

Haha, I know I am treading on dangerous waters, but let’s face it. The iron grip will never suffice. If the terrorist or anti-government villain has decided to wreak havoc, even if you ban the Blackberry all over the world, they will simply find another method to spread their ideologies and beat the system. Perhaps on Iphone, perhaps on Facebook, perhaps on Twitter! Then you might as well ban communication as a whole!

Instead of tackling the ‘problem’ by chopping off the ‘bark of the tree’, one needs to start by tackling the root of the problem. If not, the root will simply sprout new ‘seedlings’, authority kill the ‘seedlings’, new ‘seedlings’ sprouts, and the vicious cycle continues on with no progress made at all.

If the government authorities are so afraid of the spreading of anti-government or terrorist ideas, then I think these government bodies can take an active role in listening to the community. Perhaps that could work out better rather than banning the Blackberry.

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene

This article is presented in the author’s personal views and thoughts on the topic. All offenses that might occur from the read is unintended and should be taken lightly.



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