Trip to Johor again!

Hey all, once again I went to Johor to do some spending. This time, the 10 August entourage consist of Jasper, Kit Meng, Belinda and myself. We ate lunch at Seasons (Buy 1 main course get 1 main course free) and dinner at Kim Gary (RM 18+/-), Baskin Robbins (RM 7.50). And of course, how can we go to Johor without doing some massage? Jasper and I went to try out thai full body massage at Thai Odyssey (RM 78). It was alittle intimidating at the start because we were each supposed to go to a separate room. LOL.

It was a fruitful trip for me personally as I did the most shopping this time round. Got 2 new tops at Padini once again. There was a 50% discount, as such I got both for around RM 60. It’s a STEAL! Of course I did not forget some special people in my life; I gotten an aroma oil burner for mom and, a marshmallow candy and Etude House nail polish for Tong Yan. I got two models to try on the nail polish! Guess who is the model and who’s who. HAHA!

Total spending: RM 220 +/-

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