Banyan Tree Bintan, Nature and Serenity at your fingertips

I apologize for this uber late entry! Any longer, and this entry would have mould growing out. I’ve been very busy with school work as well as churning out articles for City News. I hope you guys will continue to check back as often as you can!

On the 17th of June, my mom and I left for what was to be a rejuvenating and totally refreshing 3D 2N stay at Banyan Tree Resort in Bintan, Indonesia. So how good is Banyan Tree Bintan? 

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Upon arriving at Bintan, we hook up with the Banyan Tree personnel who in turn got us a car to bring us there. Upon arriving, a female staff then strike the gong (twice, I think) to perhaps signify the start of our stay at their Resort. Another Banyan Tree personnel all dressed in his traditional uniform by the name of Andry escorted us to the Resort Library where we proceeded with the checking in. And they kneel down to talk to us.. WOW! Immediately, we felt like emperors/empresses already

The library is also the place where resort guests can chill out, read books/newspapers (they have Singapore papers too), surf the internet or rent DVDs (latest movies) to watch back at the villa (room).

What I really like about Banyan Tree resorts is their efforts to go green and protect the environment. Andry invited us to join the resort for their special turtle releasing event which has only been held twice this year. Unfortunately, we had to give it a miss as our scheduled full body massage clashes with the event.

After which, we travelled to our valley villa in style – on a buggy! In fact, all resort guests throughout their stay just need to press the number ‘0’ on the phones found throughout the resort and the friendly operator would send a friendly chauffeur to come pick us up to drive us to our desired destination, free-of-charge!

Alright, now this is the valley villa we are going to stay at for the next 3 days. (See picture) The villa is amazing I tell you. Every detail in the villa is managed with excellence and the bathroom.. was awesome. LOLS. The showers doubles up as a bathtub, making it convenient to use. What makes their bathtub different from conventional bathtubs is that you have to walk down into the bathtub, much easier than looping your leg across into the bathtub.

Even the shampoo, soap and hair conditioner bottles are customized. Gosh. 

We called the buggy and we were taken to the villa to get our 2-hour full body spa (priced at USD130). Because ours is the couple package (don’t ask me why), the whole villa was dedicated to service us. Read my lips, WHOLE villa. The two masseuse introduced themselves to us first and then ask if we are ready for the treatment. After which, they bought fruits and cold lemongrass for us to partake while they proceed to wash our feet for us and massage our hands, before we were taken downstairs for our body massage. Take a look at the pictures to see the massage place; it’s overlooking the sea! There were several body spa for us to choose from as well as selecting the aromal oil for our massage. We chose the Serenity treatment and Lavender aromal oil. It was kind of embarrassing for me because we have to go totally naked [covered with a towel] for the massage. Of course the masseuse is highly trained to handle the towel so that they won’t see things they shouldn’t. Haha!

We had dinner at Tree Tops, the main restaurant that offers international cuisine. My my my, the food is all priced in US dollar, and the mineral water I’ve ordered is a whooping USD5.50. I ordered the beer battered fish & chips while mom ordered pizza. Both are pretty good except that the beer battered fish & chips is quite puny.

Day 2 and 3 breakfast buffet spread. See for yourselves. Cereals, sushi, miso soup, pancakes, pei dan zhou; name it, they have it. You can even make your own coffee (premium coffee). The food is pretty okay. The display of the omelette (they call it the Farmer’s Omelette) and the scrambled eggs (I forgot what it’s called, but it has caviar on top of it too) is pretty nice huh? But the scrambled eggs taste pretty normal to me, I prefer the conventional type of scrambled eggs, maybe because I am not altas enough. Haha! And I had champagne for breakfast too. Good stuff.

We went for our foot spa on day 3 (priced at USD80). Again, they introduced themselves and asked if we are ready. Once again, fruits and cold lemongrass were presented to us to eat while they do their thing. They applied 3 different stuff (some yogurt stuff, something that looks like peanuts and something else) on our leg. They then clean our nails one by one,  massaged our legs and placed our legs in this box containing the liquid called paraffin. It was very very hot! But it was well worth it because our legs smelt really good for the days to come after the foot spa. Haha!

We had dinner at The Cove (Mediterranean, Italian, southern French and Spanish cuisine). I ordered the lobster soup, check out the size of that lobster meat! As for dinner, I forgot what we’ve ordered. Lol. Take a look at the pictures below.

Though we did not leave the resort, arrangements can be made to take us to other resorts, etc.

Here’s the cost breakdown of our 3D2N stay at Banyan Tree Bintan:

Valley Villa                                         –   USD 700 (USD 350.00 per night)
Serenity (full body massage)              –   USD 130
Foot spa                                             –   USD 80
Dinner expenses                                –   USD 150+

Total                                                       USD 1k +/-

Variable expenses
Tips given in total                              –   SGD 30 +/-

Total SGD spent at the resort             –   SGD 1.4 k+/-

Experience                                          –   Priceless.

So, if you’re feeling cash-rich, head on down to Banyan Tree Bintan, and I can guarantee you’re in for an experience of a lifetime.

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene

Banyan Tree Bintan Official Website:

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