I interviewed Don Moen!!

Part and parcel as well as perks of being a journalist is having exclusive access to product launches, gala premieres, invite-only events, behind the scene moments, rubbing shoulders with the VIPs and the VVIPs and more. Yesterday, I have the awesome privilege to do a short interview with Don Moen! If you’re below the age of 25, you would probably not heard of him before, but just so you know, he is one of the most highly sought after Christian singer and musician worldwide, having released as many as 25 albums!

It is my awesome privilege to interview Don, in fact I was so nervous that I think my face was quite stiff (I couldn’t smile even though I wanted to!) and I ate 3 mints prior to the interview. Haha! When I first saw him up close and personal, my first reaction was, “He is so tall!” Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo with him! So here I am, beating myself, “Why didn’t you ask to take a photo with Don Moen!?!”

Thanks City News for the many opportunities!

To know more about what was talked about during the interview, stay tuned to City News at www.citynews.sg or City News Weekly distributed in City Harvest Church in weeks to come!

Alright, now here comes the tough part – writing the article. 2 articles to rush! Tons of research to do and validate! Impending deadlines! Brain squeezed!

P.S I love my (voluntary) job!

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene


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