Food Journal #6 – Food Republic, 313@Somerset


On a Sunday afternoon, a few church friends (Tong Yan, Zhi Yang, Desiree, Brenda, Guan Lin, Bryna, Elijah) and I were 313@Somerset to have our lunch. Dining at Cosmopolitian Singapore, or the Orchard belt to be more specific went a notch higher with the arrival of Flying Chillies Thai Restaurant, Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Trattoria Cucina Italiana, Kamado Japanese Wood Fire, Marche and more at 313@Somerset. 

The unique themed precinct also dubbed as the ‘Walking Street’ draws thousands daily. The mall also carefully selects the shops who wants to rent a space there, making sure they offer products or services of value to customers to avoid the fate of becoming a has-been shopping mall like those we see in our heartlands or Cineleisure and Heeren (thankfully they are revamping them!) As a result, you find the best of retails shops congregated in one location; the 313. 

 For those who want to do shopping here, but don’t want or don’t find the need to dine at such expensive places, there is always the Food Republic on the 5th level for the masses. Food Republic, clearly distinguishing itself to be a tourist destination sells a wide variety of local cuisines, or foreign cuisines that have been Singaporeanfied. The tally of Food Republic outlets went to a total of 5 (Wisma Atria, Vivo City, Suntec Convention Center, Ion Orchard) with the latest inclusion of Food Republic, 313@Somerset. 


The Food Republic at 313 brings a whole new food court experience to customers as the whole level is dedicated to Food Republic [with Stadium Sports shop at one corner], furnished in white, mounted transparent glass panels by the seats allow customers plenty of viewing space to view the happenings [if any] from the 5th floor all the way to the 1st floor. What also value-adds to make this place so special is the spaciousness of the food court. There is plenty of leg space, no need to cramp in a small table anymore. There is so much space, that the corridor can even accommodate a segway! If you ever need beverages, the drinks are never too far away as the drinks staff would make their rounds either on the segway or on a mobile cart to bring the beverages to you. 

I ordered one of my favorite Thai dish, the Green Curry (Chicken) with rice! To my dismay, the Green Curry portion (bowl) was a lot smaller than the typical Green Curry you find elsewhere. The green curry was pretty ok. It was a little bit sour but you won’t grow weary eating this little bowl of green curry unlike some Thai food stalls where the initial taste was fine but you become sick of it with every sip.

Thai Green Curry Chicken with Rice

Thai Green Curry

I’ve only tried the Pad Thai with Prawn besides the Green Curry, as such I am in no position to rank the food. But for all it’s worth, the food here can be pretty expensive. A plate [or tray in this case] of Nasi Briyani is priced at $6, already above market price. Poor Desiree know no better, was asked by the staff if she wanted egg which she replied “Yes”, thinking that it cost $0.50 but later found out it cost $1, pushing the total sum of the Nasi Biryani to a total of $7. Golden egg. The scissors cut mixed curry rice was no better. I personally thought that paying $5 and above for mixed rice is quite expensive. Little did Zhi Yang know, his plate of mixed rice cost a grant total of $7.70! Golden chicken wings. 

Scissors Cut Curry Rice

Nasi Briyani with Egg

Thai-styled Chicken Rice

That sums up my report on the Food Republic. It has always been known to be more expensive than the normal shopping mall foodcourts. My advice is, Why not spend a few dollars more and enjoy better food and ambience at the restaurants while you’re at 313@Somerset? 

Food ordered:
Green Curry with Chicken – $6
Pad Thai with Prawns – $6
Nasi Briyani with egg – $6+$1
Thai-styled Chicken Rice – $5
Scissors Cut Curry Rice – $7.70 

Store Details:
Level 5 Food Republic
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895 

Opening Hours:
8 am – 10 pm (Mon – Thurs)
8 am – 11 pm (Fri – Sat, Eve of Public Holiday)

313@Somerset Official Website: 


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