Bye Argentina. Sniffs

Sigh, as we all know, Argentina suffered a devastating defeat by the hands of Germany whose players Thomas Mueller (3), Miroslav Klose (68, 89) and Arne Friedrich (74) scored a total of 4 goals. While I might have been the Argentinian fan, I hate to admit it that the Germans were simply better. It was apparent that Germany outclass their South American counterparts, having carefully analyzed Argentina meticulously to avoid a defeat like the one in the 4th March friendly match. And they’ve done too good a job.

The Argentinian defense were simply too slow and sloppy to repel the quick-footed German offense comprising of Thomas Mueller, Miroslav and more. There were ample opportunities and space for both sides to score as seen in the game, but it was Deutschland who made full use of their opportunities and exploited the Argentine weakness.

Maradona’s Messi, Tevez and Higuain tried their best, but the Germans could somehow repel their every attack, preventing them from equalizing, even preventing them from scoring a consolation goal. One thing I find disturbing was that Argentinian strikers fail to deliver crucial through passes that could have otherwise turn the tides of the game. Seems like they thought that they could score, which they don’t. If only they could deliver the through balls at the right time. Things could have been different!!

The Germans were up and about throughout the game. After exposing the Argentine weakness, almost every German side – from forwards, to the midfielders, and even the defenders went for the kill, as was seen in the match where the Argentine box was filled with black shirts. Eventually, a German defender, Arne Friedrich scores.

In the end, Argentina fails to avenge their Quarter finals defeat to Germany as was the case in 2006. Sigh, it’s a sad day. But I hope that Germany would really go further, perhaps to win the World Cup, since they won over Argentina! *pumps fist into the air*

As for Messi, he did well to maintain possession of the ball, did brilliant assists, but failed on his own personal goal, to score at least a goal in the World Cup matches. If I were him, well.. I wouldn’t know how the feeling of not scoring a single goal feel like! But that doesn’t take away the fact that he has been awesome throughout the matches.

And the man of the match is … there isn’t any in my opinion because all the Germans played exceptionally well.

I won’t be watching the following match between the Spaniards and Paraguay as it is just too tiring! Based on the odds, it is needless to say the ESP Giants would definitely without a shadow of a doubt, beat Paraguay. But hey look, based on what’s happened so far (Italy, France, England, Argentina) ousted, you might never know.. For all you know, Paraguay might win, go into the Finals, and win the World Cup!?!!

Well, even if the Spaniards does win, it is simply bad fortune that they are paired up to play against Germany in the Semi finals. Something’s gotta give. It would be a match to remember if they were to play in the Finals.

Anyway, that’s all for today. As for Maradona, it’s perhaps time for him to gather La Albiceleste, kiss and hug them and sing along together, ‘Don’t cry for me [us], Argentina’..

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene


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