End of the road for Soccer Nation, Brazil

Who could have thought Five time World Cup Champion Brazil would lose to Netherlands (Holland)? In my opinion, this is one of the biggest, if not The biggest upsets in this year’s World Cup. Brazil spotted a defensive and ‘impenetrable’ formation early during the group stages, banging on their defense and counterattack for the win.

All that paid off until they met the Dutch. Brazil and their coach, Dunga was and is still being hit by waves of criticisms from critics and fans prior to today’s match upset when Dunga allegedly did not add FIFA World Player of the year (2004) Ronaldinho to his squad. Many believed it was due to differences of some sort. But I personally feel that personal opinions should always make way when it comes to looking at the bigger picture, for the greater good.

Dunga was also heavily criticized by fans all over the world for turning Brazil from the beautiful attack-styled strategy to a poorly supported defense strategy. While it has shown its potency in the previous matches, the formation and strategy has clearly shown the deficit: ‘A tiger without his teeth’. Everyone knows Brazilian players, even the normal Brazilian you find on the streets of Brazil live and breathe football. They don’t just play football, they dance football, many say. The risk taken by Dunga have finally cause Brazil to pay the ultimate price.

Even with Robinho’s brilliance (in scoring at the 11th minute) and with Kaka in the team, that was far from sufficient to make up for the loss, not just in scoring the equalizer, but in creating the space to score. Without Ronaldinho’s creativity and with a strategy doomed right from the start, Brazil was doomed to oblivion from 53rd minute onwards when Felipe Melo scored an own goal, showing the mess of their disrupted formation, ingeniously broken through by Holland. It was all over when Sneijder scored at the 68th minute.

My thoughts? Brazil was a letdown, not because of an incompetent coach, but a coach with the wrong strategy. Never take a fish out of the water and expect it to walk and breathe on land. In this case, never make a mess out of Brazil’s natural flair for their mesmerizing attacks, especially when the hope of an entire nation rest upon your shoulders. All you would get is the opposite of the desired outcome; end of the road.

One thing’s for sure, Coach Dunga won’t just be ridiculed for his ‘uncool’ name, but also ridiculed for his failed strategy. Prepare to face the firing squad (Press and media) after today, Mr Dunga. Looks like his career would take a dive?

Try again four years later, Brazil. This time, bring Ronaldinho back, even if he is 34 years old by then.

In any case, my bets for the win would be Argentina in tomorrow’s match between Argentina vs Germany. Though my heart wants Argentina to win, my mind reasons that Germany would win! Gosh! Argentina please win! C’mon Messi! C’mon Argentinians!

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene


4 thoughts on “End of the road for Soccer Nation, Brazil

  1. Ehhhh, me altho a brazil supporter.. I did not really think that was any upset… Holland’s soccer team have been really strong like ALL the while, the past decades……
    If you watch day to day soccer you would know why Ronaldinho was not selected for the current world cup squad..

    The only thing is that, why was Dunga so confident in bringing 22 instead of the full squad 30 players to world cup?!?!!!!!

    • Haha I feel that Ronaldinho’s presence in the World Cup is not just about his physical presence but it’s more of a morale boosting and mental thing! Ronaldinho also fought hard hoping to gain a place in the team. If Kaka can make the team, I don’t see why Ronaldinho can’t lei… Anyway, he also did not bring Alexdandre Pato?? Gosh.

      Watching Brazil play North Korea was boring simply because their defense strategy was boring fans to tears. Don’t know what Dunga is doing.

      Ya Holland is a strong team, its just the common perception and the previous matches that convince many of us that Brazil could swoop the Semi Finals place with ease. And apparently, we were all wrong. Lol

  2. If bringing players into the team was about morale, the triple R will be in the team already… But ain’t that ridiculous? The fans will be disappointed if they were not being field.. That will pose a bigger problem to the morale and supporting atmosphere.

    David beckham would be in england’s team as well!!
    But nope, he kept the morale by going there even tho he is not in the team.

    Yeah the game VS korean was. It was the starting game, against a team like NK where nobody knows their style. It is more then understandable to use a defensive strategy.
    They changed the playing style after that match did’nt they? 😉

    Still, I can’t get over the COACH acting smart and bringing only 22 players………

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