Johor Bahru: Shopping, Massage and Seafood Haven!

City Square

Hi one and all! My apologies, this article is long overdue.

As they say, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Hence, some of my friends and I left for a one day shopping-massage-seafood trip on the 6th June 2010 to Johor Bahru, Malaysia! This was the second time some of us went on such a trip together. This time round, the crowd consist of Tong Yan, Wendy, Peter, Ronald, Terry and Felicia. The gang left for City Square JB first while Tong Yan and I arrive shortly after, dining at Kenny Rogers before rendezvous with the rest. We ordered the Kenny’s Chicken meal which cost only around RM18+/- per person! The Kenny Rogers here was only so-so though. I would advise you guys to try the Kim Gary Restaurant here, located at the basement level.

I got myself a nice pair of shades at one of the cartshops at RM 25. We then met up and walked around the Inner City, a section of the mall dedicated to selling merchandise for the youths within the mall. The stuff there are not as cheap as they were compared to last time, perhaps due to increasing Singaporean tourist arrivals. We hit the ice cream shop, Baskin-Robbins next. They serve pretty decent ice cream! I got the rum raisin and it was awesome, I tell’ya! That scoop was around RM 8 if I remember correctly.

Wendy and Fel went to get some Mac fries. But the fries given was a measly amount. Guess who went to demand for more? … Peter to the Rescue! Haha!

Next, we went to Padini Concept Store! FYI: This store is the store where most of the guy’s cash was spent at on shopping! Terry got his trenchcoat here. This time, Peter got 2 dress shirts here, Ronald got a pair of shorts and I got a pair of shorts and shirt here! The apparels we bought were either on 40%, 50% or 70% discount! The discounts there are really deep and frankly, it’s cheaper than the merchandise offered at Inner City! I paid much less than RM 100 for both shorts and shirt.

After spending a considerable amount of time at Padini, we headed off to Fizzio, the massage parlour on cab. We reached around 5 minutes later and the cab ride cost around… RM 5!!!! If we spilt the cost, each person would pay around SGD $0.50!

Over at the massage parlour, Terry, Ronald, Fel and I paid RM 68 for anhour long full body massage while Wendy, Tong Yan and Peter went for an hour long 5-in-1 massage. Terry, Ronald and I were then arranged to be in the same room for the full body massage.

After a good massage, we went for the kill, heading opposite to the Taman Sri Sebrau Hawker Centre for seafood! The highlight of the table is of course the dish with the biggest plate, the Crayfish!

Terry and Peter wanted to take a step further, try the exotic snail meat! Hahaha! Escagot or snail meat, I will never make myself eat that again after accidentally eating it at a friend’s wedding buffet years back… Total bill for this seafood expedition: RM 230+/-!

Total Singapore dollar spent in this day trip of shopping, massage and seafood:


Consider asking your friends for a day trip to JB. Fun yet affordable! (Just don’t do it too often though, from a business prospective, this is bad for Singapore as money is flowing out of Singapore :X)

Alright! Enough of my ranting! Let the pictures do the talking!

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene



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