Argentina FTW!

Hello all! I’m back from my Bintan trip and I am glad to say that I did not miss much of the FIFA World Cup action because it is being shown over at Indonesia on National Television for free! So, I could enjoy the football matches at the comfort of my villa. Anyway, I caught the 2nd half of the match where Argentina destroyed South Korea 4 -1, adding 2 more goals to their 1 goal lead.

Although Messi didn’t score any goals throughout despite coming that close to scoring one at the 91st minute, I must say I am totally rooting for this fella! Meanwhile, the 2 goals by Gonzalo Higuain was quite ‘tyco’. For the non-Singaporean visitors of my blog, the word ‘tyco’ is a Singaporean slang for lucky or by chance. It just so happened that the shots by Messi missed and the ball after the rebound from the upright found its way to Higuain, whom himself (with a confused and shocked look) kicked the ball into an entirely open net. But I must still give credit to him for being at the right place, at the right time! Haha!

I went back to review the own goal scored by Park Chu Young on youtube, and I must say, I feel for that Korean. I mean, there was no way he could have foretold his leg’s position would deflect the ball into the net. I am also rooting for Korea! But my apologies to any Korean here, I am a bigger Argentinian fan!

I also managed to catch the last 10 minutes of the match between Germany and Serbia. I’m at a loss for words by how Germany lost 1-0 to Serbia. Apparently, the whole German formation crumbled when their key striker, Miroslav Klose was sent off on the 36th minute. Serbia, capitalizing on that went in for the kill, sending the ball into the net at the 37th minute. The future of the Germans seem bleak unless they win the key match against Ghana if they hope to keep their World Cup dreams alive. Meanwhile Serbia, a relatively unknown team have shown the world that they are very determined to leave their mark in the World Cup 2010.

Following that, more upsets of the favorites as France takes an embarrassing 2-0 defeat with Mexico while favorites England continues to disappoint when they fails to break the Algerian defense, causing the match to head to a goalless draw.

How much longer would the goalless drought endure for the heavyweights? Only time will tell (not the girls scandal for goodness sake!) Meanwhile, I’m glad that Argentina got their act together! My guess is Argentina should be able to reach the Finals, or the Semi-Finals for least. Argentina FTW!

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene

South Korea’s own goal vid:


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