FIFA World Cup 2010, Love the game but remember your loved ones!

How’s staying up to watch FIFA World Cup 2010 so far? As we all know, the matches are in the 3 following timings (S’pore time): 7.30 pm, 10 pm and 2.30 pm. So far, in my opinion some of the heavyweights aren’t performing to their best or are still asleep.

Argentina’s coach, Football Legend Diego Macadona have alot to prove to critics – that he can coach the winning team. Lionel Messi – prove his ability in World Cup in order to add his name into the list of Football Legends. Argentina’s Gabriel Heinze scored an early goal at the 5th minute, setting expectations that they would thrash Nigeria in the next 85 minutes. But it was to be a goalless match in the next 85 minutes, with FIFA World Player of the year 2009 Lionel Messi (or Leo Messi) missing the goal several times or deflected by Nigerian goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama.

England drew with USA, to both score 1 goal. Many say England’s Robert Green was responsible for the draw, but I feel it’s a team thing. Even if Robert Green did made a mistake and allowed that goal, England could have scored another with a lineup consisting of several star players. So perhaps the downplay of their opponents cost them the draw? Well, I’m glad I did not stay up to catch that match!

On the other hand, Germany did the spectacular literally by being the first team to score 4 goals to nothing in the match against Australia, pulverizing the team from down under. It was an exciting match right from the beginning and Australia put up a good fight but was no match to the young German team. This team would be one to look out for this World Cup.

German Striker, Miroslav Klose

South Korea, representing all of Asia in a sense, did us Asians proud by defeating a European country, Greece 2 to nothing. Credits goes to Lee Jung Soo (2nd International Goal) and Manchester United’s Park Ji Sung. The South Korean team displayed a fine play of football and lots of vigor. They could be one of the dark horses in this World Cup.

Well, the sleeping Defending Champion Italy managed to stay afloat, scoring a draw with Paraguay. I’m glad I did not stay up to watch this match!

In any case, the companies are expecting a sharp rise in employees taking off-days and leaves so that they can catch the World Cup matches. And needless to say, this will be a challenging time for spouses, girlfriends or loved ones as most girls  would find no meaning in watching 22 man running around for a ball. I was amused to watch Channel 8 news a few days back to listen to the news anchor advising the men not to neglect their girlfriends and spouses or force them to watch soccer together with them during the World Cup season.

Personally, I think that girls who watch soccer and participate in LAN gaming are kinda cool, but I feel that we are all entitled to our own recreational preferences, likes and dislikes. So, to the girls who don’t watch soccer, we still love you. However, please do consider this crucial moment (month) of our lives! As a guy, I would also advise us to try our best not to neglect our girlfriends or spouses during this season. A month of Ecstasy can’t really substantiate to years of relationship!

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene


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