Paradigm Shift in Values, Leaders to Embrace Integrity

In light of the recent events that’ve shaped the world, such as the Wall Street Meltdown, Oil Spill over the Gulf of Mexico, fatal air crashes and more, we’ve seen the ugly side of mankind as the world continues to observe increasing disasters of all sorts, with the people [leaders] responsible shunning away from responsibility. These are times when the character of the person fails him. This behavior is quite familiar isn’t it? Remember the days when we were kids, when we refused to own up or face the music – for example after we’ve stolen petty cash from our parents’ wallets/or not owning up to petty mistakes?

Well, putting it in adult context, take Mr Jerry Ee for example, a former Cortina employee who made away with some S$8 million worth of watches from the Cortina outlet at Raffles City in December 2008. I am pretty sure he had a pretty impressive track record, CV and qualifications since he was employed by Cortina Watches, one of the more exclusive, high-end watch companies. So what happened?

And the surprising trend is that these people are all educated people, people with their degrees, PHDs, Masters, Honors, and what not. We’re talking about people who were supposing-ly the elites of society. So, after years of pursuits in education, is our behavior still quite the same as compared to when we were a 8-year old kid?

The only conclusion I can draw is while we may be mobbed with education and knowledge in whatever major [industry] we are in, we are not taught moral values, principles of life, integrity while young.

In this world we live today that increasingly condones and blasts coarse language, excessive gore, violence and nudity, all the more we need people of integrity desperately, not so much of the certifications or qualifications that that person has in fact. We need to start instilling moral values, social responsibility, integrity, life principles to our children [the future leaders] immediately so that they can cope with the moral decay of this society and will not compromise on their values.

The adults need to have a paradigm shift in their thoughts, values and character. As [world] leaders (or even typical people) in their industry, we need to change our values, life perspective and strengthen our character if need be. Working people, we need to snap out of the minimal work+eat snake[skive]+extreme boot-licking+office politics mentality and start embracing diligence and integrity. Executives, we need to have the character and moral values to guard our hearts when it comes to managing corporate accounts and corporate assets.

World leaders especially need to have the moral values and principles when dealing with issues of global consequences such as managing funds of investors [Example: Wall Street, plenty of examples], oil industry [Example: well, we don’t need examples for this, do we?] or managing a corporation.

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene.

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