Words to Straits Times

If Straits Times were to read this, I am writing this in the perspective of a young adult blogger who seeks vindication of City Harvest Church.

Yesterday at around 3pm, Straits Times posted an article of City Harvest Church individuals who allegedly misused Church funds. Words like ‘raided’ were used to describe the actions taken against the 12 people including Senior Pastor Kong Hee, a word that is used to describe the apprehension of criminals.

Upon the dismay of the members of the public and Church members, ST went on to change the words to ‘visited’, a much more appropriate word over ‘raided’, hoping to undo any damage perhaps to their reputation of being the unbiased main English paper of Singapore.

But to release such inaccurate article to the public and changing it without clarifying the inaccuracy of the article is just distasteful of ST, concerning that ST has always maintain a non-paparazzi angle of correspondence compared to other news media, Newpaper, etc.

If ST’s aim is to create a buzz and talking point over these articles, congratulations, they have done it just as their competitors did. But if ST’s aim is always to present the true, unbiased news to the citizens of Singapore, I am sad to say, ST has failed miserably, maligning a Church without prior concrete evidence.

I hope ST will continue to strive to be an unbiased news media company, well-liked by all to present current affairs of Singapore in the purest perspective, with concrete evidence. Please do not publish articles with details you are unsure of.

I do not deny being a CHC-goer myself, however I would like to clarify that I am viewing this in a level-headed perspective, as a young adult Singapore citizen.

ST can make politically correct amendments not necessary only by apologizing or coming out with a full page spread to apologize for their actions, but by addressing to the public of their error. Racial and Religious Harmony is something very essential and important to ensure the continual growth of Singapore, hence this is one not to be taken lightly since CHC has a membership of more than 32,000 people not to mention the people that have come into contact with CHC.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene

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