Reuel’s Tip #2 – Get a Hobby/Pastime

Recently, the Government has been emphasizing on total wellness (being healthy in mental, physically, emotional and spiritually). I personally feel that this is absolutely important for every individual, not just to be physically healthy and hit the gyms all day long, but to be healthy in all aspects of life.

I believe that getting a hobby or pastime is essential in keeping one mentally in touch/fit.

People who should get a hobby/pastime
1. People who don’t have much to do
2. People who are always busy

Basically, everyone needs a hobby/pastime for a healthy lifestyle! Even the workaholics. All work plus no play equals fatique.

That hobby may be a social one, such as jamming with friends, cheerleading, dancing with friends, playing soccer, playing basketball or other recreational or sports activities with friends and family members. It could be one of pursuing to acquire a new skill, such as going for vocal classes, learning to play a musical instrument, learning ballet or learning how to play the piano, It could also be a ‘less interesting’ activities such as cooking, collecting stamps, reading, fishing, so on and so forth. The girls would prefer ‘retail therapy’. Lol.

No, don’t let anyone tell you what kind of hobby or pastime you should or should not have. That is your exclusive right. And age does not matter. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too old for anything. I am personally very inspired by those group of line-dancing aunties which I saw at Hougang who are man enough (as a figure of speech) to line-dance in the middle of nowhere, despite having onlookers observing them.

If a 50 year old aunty can get a pastime, surely you can do better!

For starters, you can get a close friend to join you during that pastime. It’s always easier to do something with company. It takes 3 weeks to form a habit.

So, get a sport, get a hobby, get a pastime. Just don’t make computer gaming or tv-ing a hobby! Get out of your house for goodness sake!

Question: What are some hobbies/pastimes you take up/like to take up?

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene.

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