Chelsea secures Barclays Premier League Title

After last night’s (dawn) game, Chelsea fans worldwide have something to celebrate about as the Blues thrashed Wigan Athletic 8 to nothing to claim the English Premier League title. Chelsea was off to a good start as Anelka scored just 6 minutes into the game and took home the title when Drogba scored the hat-tick at the 80th minute. Man U took control of the game and beat Stoke City 4-nil but was forced to take second place by 1 point difference. Despite [Chelsea] being strong contenders for the title, Man U was clearly the favorites to win the title up until now after key matches; last month’s home defeat to Chelsea and draw at Blackburn, which ultimately led to their defeat.

But the Blues can’t rest just yet as they prepare for the final frontier, FA Cup Finals against Portsmouth at Wembley on 15 May 2010. So get the Blues Anthem ready and head on to the Blues gathering spots on the 15th!

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene.

Chealsea FC Supporters Club Singapore:

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