World Cup on SG TV Screens, Go or No Go?

News is out. As everybody know, Singtel and Starhub has finally secured the rights to broadcast all 64 football matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup live on both their TV channels. The early bird subscription (until 31 May) for the World Cup package would be priced at SGD$66 ($70.52 w/GST) and $88 ($94.16 w/GST) thereafter.

 This is a significant increase from the S$15 early bird price and S$25 subsequently that StarHub charged in 2006. – quoted from Yahoo News

Seeing such a sharp jump in price as compared to previous years is enough to deter any mediocre football fan from taking up the package. But before you make up your decision, let’s do some analysis. Applying math, assuming the subscriber takes up the early bird package;

$70.52 / 64 football matches = $1.10 /football match

If you factor that in, then the package is not really that expensive anymore huh. About Singtel and StarHub securing the rights for the benefit of Singaporeans, I guess they don’t really have a choice since they have to recup the millions they spent or are going to spend to broadcast the football matches. As for the profits, c’mon Singtel and StarHub are not NPOs (Non-Profit Organizations) right? I don’t think there’s anything wrong if they want to try to earn abit from this deal since so much time and company resources has been spent working on this collaboration for months and since time to a corporation equals money.

In any case, for those of us who find that sum of money a pinch, there are always many other alternatives such as catching them at pubs, tuning in to Malaysia’s RTM channels or joining the crowd at the kopitiams and coffeeshops (the owners would most likely absorb the charges since selling drinks to the football fanatics is so much more profitable and could help them recup their ‘losses’ in no time).

But personally, I don’t really find the price tag that much of problem per say, since its [World Cup] is just a quadrennial (once every 4 years) event. One can take this as a recreational investment. But one thing’s for sure, Singaporeans islandwide would definitely by all means, try their best to tune in to catch the 64 football matches for the love of the game.

Anyway, my favorites would be Spain! Spain FTW! But Argentina has Messi. It will be good to see the clash of the titans in the quarter final matches and above.

What’s your take? Feel free to comment.

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene.

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