Singapore Arts Festival 2010

National Arts Council presents the Singapore Arts Festival 2010. The Singapore Arts Festival began in 1977 as a national showcase celebrating the local arts of Singapore’s diverse communities and is currently in its 33rd year running.

This year’s festival taking place at the Esplanade from 14 May to 13 June is themed ‘Between You and Me’, encouraging the public to get closer to the arts and to participate in it. There will be performances both free and ticketed, gathering renowned local and foreign acts from around the region to one location. Anyone and everyone can join the Arts Fest club for free to stay tuned to the latest happenings and activities happening at the Singapore Arts Festival.

The festival will end with a mega line-dance gathering people from the line-dance community groups islandwide, numbering 20,000 from all walks of life, sources said. So mark down the various performances on your calendar,get exposed and get involved!

Your Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene.


Singapore Arts Festival Official Website:

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