Style Report #1 – Loafers

Hello everyone!

This is a new section I’ve created to share with the men in general – the information and experience I’ve gathered throughout the years by observing current trends and sharp dressers. Of course I am no fashion guru, but I believe the few tips I have to offer would benefit most clueless men at large!

Anyway, to start off, my first pair of loafers is damaged! Quite sad, as it is my first pair of loafers. And it was bought from Pedro! Looks like I need to get another soon.

The topic of conversation today is shoes (loafers). As the ages go by, shoes are becoming increasingly important and essential for every man as with the women. And the price for these shoes is quite stagnant (and expensive), but surprisingly that does not deter anyone from buying them. Take thriving brands Leftfoot, Adidas, Pedro, Vans, Frey Perry for example. That is simply because, they are no longer considered a luxury but more of a commodity! Loafers, or slip-ons (laceless shoes) have been a rising trend for both men and women in recent years. There are two types (fashion-wise), formal loafers and dress loafers.

Although loafers are generally expensive as it is quite ‘hot’ in the market, I believe every man should invest in a pair or two. These Loafers can be used in almost all occasions and functions depending on the color and cutting. Loafers usually come in the colors brown, white and black.

Black formal loafers (usually with a shiny finish) or dress loafers are good for semi-formal to formal functions such as dinner functions, parties, etc. Just any t-shirt, dress shirt topped with any pair of jeans (preferably boot-cut, tapered or skinny), dull colored chinos (in fashion) or black/formal pants would complement loafers. For the loud and brave-hearted, you can try wearing bright-colored chinos, but brace yourself, it could work against you, making you stand out like a sore thumb. Avoid wearing black loafers when you have your berms (for the fair-skinned) on as it would make your feet stand out, too much.


Brown loafers can be worn for almost any occasion except take note that it would be recommended to not wear them for formal functions. Do not wear brown loafers matched with black pants. Feel free to wear them with jeans, khakis and chinos. On the contrary, brown loafers work pretty well with dress shirts plus berms. (prefer to the man wearing berms in the second picture)

White loafers will never fail to stand out when worn and they are also my favorite choice of color. They are good for all occasions; formal and semi-formal. White is a universal color, making it easy to match any given style the dresser would want to don and portray. But it is also high maintenance as the loafers can be easily stained and wearing it will make you feel like avoiding Orchard Road crowds if you get what I mean.

Loafers can most commonly be found at the retail shops in Far East shopping centre from SGD$40 – $80 and at fashion boutiques; Pedro, Banana Republic, Topman, Zara, etc at SGD$90+. But trust me, take the extra money spent at these fasion boutiques as an investment. Usually, those found at Far East might look similar to that offered by the fashion boutiques, but what is invisible to the naked eye is the comfort, cutting, durability and workmanship which the fashion boutiques clearly excel in.

For starters, I would recommend Pedro, as they are one of the market leaders and trend setters when it comes to shoe design and cutting.

Loafers will never go out of trend. Wait! Before you get those much needed loafers, remember to get the shoe polish sold separately! Shoes that are not maintained will wear out as a faster rate (quite a no-brainer).

Thanks for reading! I will try to improve my fashion vocabulary, research more to give you better and clearer insights.

Look good, Feel good,
Reuel Eugene.

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