Reuel’s Tip #1

Hi one and all.

I’m sure many of us heard about the Melissa Toh, the Temasek Poly student who committed suicide by jumping off a HDB building on the dawn of Wednesday allegedly because of a failed relationship which sprang out of control, causing her to take her own life.

It was a dark, tragic moment and period for close friends of hers, family members, school-mates, and perhaps the members of the public. News of people dying prematurely or of unnatural death seem to almost always come from abroad, like the Virginia Tech shootings and more, but who was to expect that someone that close to them, right here in Singapore could meet with a mishap, much less die?

It has come to my conclusion that even if you’re a strong-willed, self-assured, self-confident or headstrong kind of person whatever you want to call it, lets face the fact that we all need that special someone in our lives, someone whom we can share our true feelings to, someone we can pour our grievances on, someone who can share our joys with, someone who can give us the right advice. We all need that special someone whom we can call our best or close friend(s).

This person is not limited to just your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend. It could be a mentor, your kin or a religious leader. For the girls, it could be a best girlfriend(s) that you can share or complain to during the weekly stayover, for the guys, it could be the same gang of guys you always hang out with at the same chill-out place every saturday night, or it could even be a platonic close friend.

We all have a certain threshold for the dirt, life (or people) throws in our face. Just as there is ‘inpouring’, there must also be ‘outpouring’ of these trapped emotions so that there won’t be a ‘dead sea’ situation whereby all these emotions are suppressed and all bottled up. Hence, it is important to ‘release’ it by sharing it with somebody. If not, overtime these capped emotions would eventually explode under pressure and who knows what could happen? In Melissa’s case, she did the unthinkable, choosing the path of no return. Hence, the lesson we can all learn from this is to cherish life, and to find that special best or close friend.

So, go through your list of friends, see who is trustworthy, who is willing to invest time in your life just as you are willing to in his/hers. Who knows, this friendship(s) could last for life.

Yours Sincerely,

Reuel Eugene.

3 thoughts on “Reuel’s Tip #1

  1. I think it should be “allegedly because of a failed relationship which sprang out of control, causing her to take her own life.” rather than “because of a failed relationship which allegedly sprang out of control, causing her to take her own life.”, because you could not possibly know why my sister would want to end her life.

    • Hi Sharmaine,
      I apologize if I have presumed the scenario based on the news articles written about her and have put it in a less desirable way. Thanks for highlighting and my condolences to you and your family.

      Yours Sincerely,
      Reuel Eugene.

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