National Achievers Congress 2010 in a nutshell

I was at National Achievers Congress 2010 organized by Success Resources for all 3 days. For those of you who haven’t been there, you might have an idea of what the congress is about (how to be an Achiever) just by the sound of the event right? Wrong.

It was my first time there, receiving my ticket from Citynews to cover this event. I thought that this event would be about achievers who are inspiring audiences to achieve more in life (not just monetary success but also exceling in doing good for society for example) but I was in for a rude shock.

10 of the 12 speakers there are highly successful personnels in their own respective industries; real estate, internet marketing, wall street, blah blah blah. But their speeches were more on how to earn big bucks in the shortest time, not so interesting is it? Furthermore, at the end of it, for about 15 minutes and more, they would pitch their proposal to the public to sign up for their program at huge discounts. (Sales pitch basically)

Yes, I do see that they are good, but the sales pitch thing just turns me off. Perhaps it has always been like that since the very first NAC years ago? Clearly, this is a misrepresentation of the word ‘Achievers’ because being an Achiever in life is more than just amassing wealth, but also about spending quality time with your family, living a life of integrity, giving back to society, adding value to our world and more.

On the first day, there was maximum crowd and the hall was completely filled, but the attendance continues to drop as the days go by so much so that there was only half the crowd or less on the third day so much so that the general ticket holders are ask to move to the front to fill the gold class seats. I could see floating dollar signs on the top of people’s heads after every session but I believe most would not buy into this, be it the sales pitch of the speakers or being greedy as to jump into the open opportunity to earn big bucks in the shortest amount of time.

On a positive note, Mr Tong Blair, ex UK prime minister was there to share his experience. He shared about his experiences as prime minister and how to achieve success. It was quite funny to see the not many people at the 9am session and his sessions fully packed and again not many people at the subsequent sessions. Still, it is said that he is paid £350,000 for 4 hours of his time. I personally thought that he didn’t have to join this congress if he had seen the lineup of speakers but perhaps he is here for the money or so they(the internet people and articles) say? Well that’s everybody’s guess.

Speaker John P. Coutis was also there. I wasn’t at his session but I heard from the interviewee that he was something special and very motivational. A little info on him, he is a physically disabled person, losing the ability of his legs since birth. Today he travels the world motivating people, young and old to live their life to the fullest.

So, my take is they were the two of the twelwe speakers who really adhere to the title of the event. But the rest? I’m not so sure about that. Has the true meaning of National Achievers been diluted through the years, being transformed into a conference to gather people who are desperate to make a fortune? No offense, but perhaps they(Success Resources) should consider changing the name of the conference to a much suited one?

All in all, NAC2010 has been an eye-opener for me but if you were to hand me another ticket (even if it’s VIP) for next year’s ‘congress’, I am sorry, I would have to reject that offer thank you very much.

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